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About Us

Bill Bowern Consulting, partnered with key technology and service providers, offers solutions that focus on three areas: Business Processes, Network Design and Deployment, Information Technology Integration and Support. Bill Bowern Consulting offers the latest in technology through our partnership with recognized leading edge industry hardware and software systems providers. Our dedicated and committed personnel offer their many years of expertise, and hands-on experience in business systems analysis, integration, and implementation, network design, deployment and support, and desktop hardware and software support to our clients. The combination of leading edge industry partners, and the dedication and commitment of our personnel to our clients, results in us reaching our goal of developing a close relationship that forms into a long-term partnership with our customers. Bill Bowern Consulting focuses on serving the small to midrange marketplace. For all of your computer support requirements, call us for a diagnosis of your requirements at:

Bill Bowern

A+ Certified
Technician Multiple operating systems and software packages 
Web page design, writing and management
Computer hardware assembly and troubleshooting
Computer software installation, configuration and troubleshooting
Technical Support for Windows OS
Windows Network management Network configuration and setup
Quick study of custom software applications

Training History

Creating program curriculum
Training/facilitating a wide variety of current business application suites, Internet and web publishing, Computer Hardware Support Technician, Networking, Telecommunications

Why choose Bill Bowern Consulting?

Key advantages Bill Bowern Consulting can offer to its clients include:

A high level of personal attention to analyzing the business processes and systems
The provision of a complete solution that address the needs of our customers, with personal attention, which the large service providers cannot match
Providing a complete solution that smaller providers, or in-house IS departments, typically do not provide
Over 20 years of experience in the IT field