Bill Bowern Consulting

Assessment Services

In today’s fast-paced world, information technology, business requirements, and customer expectations are constantly changing.

Bill Bowern Consulting has developed unique services that will provide you with a comprehensive review of your current information technology infrastructure. The results of this review will be a baseline that can be used to identify any improvements that need to be made to ensure that your investment in information technology is being used effectively and efficiently

Key Benefits

A Customized Plan. Our expert personnel will analyze and make recommendations for your information technology infrastructure, and provide you with a custom report.
Defines a baseline for moving to next-generation architecture. To maximize performance with your information technology, you need to know the status of your present operating system. Our assessment services will help provide a baseline for implementing new technology and auditing to ensure that it is being utilized to its optimum potential.
Take control of your assets. It’s time consuming to keep up with the rapid growth. Bill Bowern Consulting assessment services will help you understand what you have and how it is configured.

IT HealthChex

How well is your information technology infrastructure running? Are these resources being used effectively and maintained? IT HealthChex™ will assist your company in understanding your information technology infrastructure by identifying your IT assets and how they are used. Using state-of-the-art discovery and measurement tools and techniques, a Bill Bowern Consulting network engineer will perform a comprehensive site survey that includes accurate, up-to-date network maps, as well as a detailed inventory of devices, protocols, applications, and services in use. A report will be prepared indicating the utilization measurements and overall performance on the health of your infrastructure. This report will provide your firm with a baseline to evaluate your networks effectiveness in meeting current and future corporate goals and requirements.

IT ProcessChex

An information technology solution is more than hardware and solution. A solution must contain policies and procedures to ensure effective management of your systems once they are in place. Periodic reviews of these policies and procedures are necessary to confirm that they are managed and updated as your business and information technology requirements change.

A Bill Bowern Consulting business analyst will review your organization’s structure and current policies and procedures. A comprehensive report will be provided that will identify any inconsistencies, which need to be adjusted to maintain your information technology infrastructure