Bill Bowern Consulting

Management Services

In the Internet age, the corporate network reaches every aspect of your business. Around the clock and around the world, employees use the network to access business-critical applications, and customers log-on to Web sites to conduct real business. It is imperative for this information technology to be available when you, your employees, and your customers need it. Bill Bowern Consulting specializes in providing assistance to enable you to manage it right.

Key Benefits

Pro-active Response. With the Bill Bowern Consulting suite of management services, you can rest assured that pro-active steps are being taken to keep your information technology infrastructure functional.
Keeping you informed. Your information technology infrastructure is dynamic. Bill Bowern Consulting will assist in keeping you up-to-date with the fast paced changes in the technology that you are utilizing.
Expertise at your fingertips. With Bill Bowern Consulting on your team, your problems will be handled effectively and efficiently. Even if you have an existing IT department, Bill Bowern Consulting can complement your internal IT staff, by being available to assist in solving exceptional problems.


Information technology is an important part of your business. When problems arise, it is necessary to have them diagnosed and resolved quickly. Whether you are running 24x7 or 9-5 operations, there is a SupportIT! package for you. Your custom SupportIT! package can include service delivery times of 24x7 through to 9-5. Service response times range from 48 hours to 4 hours, guaranteed under contract. Telephone response times range from 24 hours to immediate. If necessary, we will also escalate the situation to ensure progressive and timely involvement of specialized personnel to resolve exceptional problems.


Your company has made a significant investment in information technology, but the face of technology is constantly changing. It is therefore paramount that your business be aware so that you are able to expand with the times. Bill Bowern Consulting Asset Management services will provide you with an online database that contains all the information that you need. Included is an inventory of machines, software and equipment, as well as a service history. We will work with your company to develop the procedures and tracking mechanism needed to keep the control system up-to-date. This proactive approach results in benefits, such as reduced support, and less administration time and related cost.


Like all of us, your information technology needs to see the specialist regularly to ensure that it is always performing at its peak operating performance. Bill Bowern Consulting will help your company to establish a pro-active monitoring plan of your key IT system components that result in decreased component failure. Through our timely maintenance plan, we will also coordinate the application of software patches to ensure that you are running software that is up-to-date.


Let Bill Bowern Consulting keep an ever-watchful eye on your network. Our partnerships with major network management vendors allow us to give you the power of the large systems.