Bill Bowern Consulting

Planning and Design

Knowing where you are today isn't enough. You need a plan that will guide your company into the future. Let Bill Bowern Consulting assist you. We will help you take your business goals and requirements, and translate them into an effective technological plan.

Key Benefits

Identify business requirements. Our expert personnel will help you analyze your business goals and determine the requirements and what the benefits, risks, and impact are on your environment.
Match business requirements with technology solutions. To realize the ultimate benefits from your investment, we maximize system flexibility, scalability, and manageability, to create a reliable solution that grows with your business.
Keeping in Control. Proper planning allows your firm to always remain in control and to know what the next step entails

Technology Consulting

The importance of a business plan is readily acknowledged in the spectrum of enterprise. The process of planning for technology is equally important to the success of your company. A technology plan will solidify your goals as a business, by assuring that the technological tools that you implement will meet your company's needs. Having a plan in place will also help you budget appropriately, and ensure that your technology life cycle is constantly on track.

Our consultants will encourage your company to understand the changing technology available in the marketplace, and develop an action plan for your future. We will assist your firm in promoting a strategic plan that outlines the directions, associated benefits, risks, and impact that they will have on your infrastructure.

Network Design

Designing today's complex high-speed switching solutions requires advanced network integration expertise and intricate applications of powerful technology.

A Bill Bowern Consulting certified network engineer will help you design an optimal solution that will meet your present needs and scale to meet your requirements in the future. We will ensure that the solution meets your requirements through validation of design through rigorous testing and conformance to industry regulations.

Policy and Procedure Design

Another key element of your information technology solution is control and manageability.

A Bill Bowern Consultant business analyst will assist you in developing effective and efficient policies and procedures for your information technology infrastructure. From this design, a manual will be prepared documenting the policies and procedures to ensure control and manageability of your new IT infrastructure. Topics included in this manual include users management, system security, asset procurement and inventory, and disaster recovery.