Bill Bowern Consulting

Our Mission

Bill Bowern Consulting is dedicated to improving the business processes and success of our clients by providing professional services and innovative Information Technology, IT solutions and support.

Our Philosophy

Bill Bowern Consulting’s mandate and mission statement are based on the premise of offering business solutions after proper diagnosis of the business requirements, and recommending hardware and software solutions after these necessary initial steps are undertaken to determine the exact needs of the business.

As an analogy, we cite the medical profession for the best example. Most of us would normally approach a doctor with a health problem. We would then expect the doctor to perform a proper diagnosis through conducting various tests and asking a number of questions about our problem. Following a careful diagnosis, the doctor would then prescribe a course of action, or medication, or surgery, to correct that problem. We would feel comfortable that the doctor had implemented the proper tests in order to arrive at this conclusion, and then to proceed with the course of treatment recommended. We would expect and receive the proper support throughout the whole process, and would feel that the diagnosis, treatment, and solution were in our best interest.

Most of the businesses we have seen to date originally acquired their computer systems and solutions after telling the “quoting” practitioners, over the phone, of their desired end-result – good computer health. These “quoting” companies did not have any diagnosis of their business and yet proceeded to recommend a course of treatment. The net result is a number of misdiagnosed cases, and we are faced with the challenge of directing the patients to the proper course of action to restore good computer health.

Bill Bowern Consulting services and partnerships allow us to diagnose, plan, design, install, configure, and manage the IT solution that best meets our Client’s needs

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